In this series Rabbi Yaacov Haber delves into the primary sources to explain the meaning and origins of sin and the definition of Vidui and Teshuvah.

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Re’eh 2003

As we welcome in the month of Elul and we begin our preparations for a New Year, we must keep in mind our G-d given challenge. ‘Leshichno Tidrishu’, always keep searching for Jerusalem, ‘Uvoso Shama!’ and you will get there. We are leaving tomorrow!

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Forgiveness Exercises

A. Make a list of the people you have hurt including your relatives. Next to each name indicate what you did and the effect it had. Write down why you feel badly about it. Try asking them or writing them a letter for forgiveness. If the person is no longer alive take...

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The Essence of Yizkor

I had a powerful experience I'd like to share with you. About six weeks ago I traveled with my family to Buffalo, the city that I grew up in. I took advantage of the trip and went to visit my mother's A"H kever. It was a beautiful summer day, which presented a very...

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G-d's capacity for forgiveness is infinite. A person has a choice whether or not to sin. It doesn't say anywhere that a person cannot do Teshuva even for the sin of murder. Teshuva helps. For example Menashe the wicked king killed thousands of people. At the end of...

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