A Brand New World; Where do I Fit In?

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“היום הרת עולם היום יעמיד במשפט כל יצורי עולמים”

“Today is the birth day of the world; today all creations are judged.”

The world was created on Rosh HaShanah and according to our sages it is recreated every year on Rosh HaShanah. It’s a new world, complex and pristine.

Every creation in the world; Jews, Gentiles, trees, oceans, lizards, ants all have a job to do – God created the world with a purpose, and everything and everyone in His world has a purpose.
There are absolutely no extras.

Scientists and physicists have discovered the purpose of almost the entire ecology of the world. Every body of water, every fish that swims in the water, every piece of earth and every worm and insect – they all contribute to Gods world.The human body has thousands of parts – they are all there for a reason.

To be sure, the function of some creations have not yet been discovered, but we can be assured that there are no extras.

What is our purpose? What are we doing here?

As God re-creates the world He does His annual review. Like a CEO at the annual review, pouring over the corporate chart and reevaluating every entry- so does God search the heart and actions of every one of His creations.

As for us; we must make sure we are being useful. We must find our niche and make sure we are not only existing, but contributing to the world in which we live. We must choose life.

The question we must ask ourselves on Rosh Hashanah is simply: ‘Am I relevant?” We must make sure that we are not just hanging around – there are no extra’s!

Take some time during these upcoming days and focus on our raison d’être. Be part of life and make yourself valuable.

This will merit us with a year full of blessing and success. May we all have a Kesiva v’Chasima Tova!

By Rabbi Yaacov Haber

Rabbi Yaacov Haber has been a leading force in Jewish community and Jewish education for over forty years. He lived and taught in the United States, Australia and in Israel. He is presently the Rav of Kehillas Shivtei Yeshurun, a vibrant community in the center of Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel, and serves as the Rabbinic guide to many of its wonderful organisations.


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