A Call To Action

A Call To Action

The great achievement of the Jews during the first Shabbos HaGodol was that they actually performed a deed which was calculated to violate the sensibilities of the Egyptians: they bought Paschal lambs from the Egyptians, and explained to the Egyptians that these lambs...

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When Jews Show Passion

Dedicated by the Sitzer family in memory of their grandmother and my great aunt, Chaya Rachel bas Menashe Sitzer a"h (nee Haber) who left this world in 5735 (1975). She arrived in the United States from Europe in 1921 with 3 children (the fourth child was born in...

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Fire At the Seder

One of the great heroes of the Holocaust was Reb Kalman Klonymus Shapiro, the Piazetzner Rebbe. In the prime of his life as a Rebbe he was taken into the hell of the Warsaw Ghetto. He had a work load like everyone else, suffered from malnutrition, and was surrounded...

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The Festival Cycle

Holidays are those times in the year which draw our attention to a special message underlying them. They ask us to take to heart certain fundamental truths that they aim to impress upon us. Rising above the other days of the year, they call us out of our humdrum existence, to dedicate to them our minds and lives.
Our daily life is devoted to our ordinary pursuits and activities by means of which we strive to build our future. The holidays interrupt our labors, to revive those fundamental ideas upon which our life is based.

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Table of Contents Background The Month Of Nisan Maot Chittin A Pre-Passover Custom Passover Guideline for Passover Preparations The Passover Seder Background Our ancestors originally arrived to live in Egypt in order to escape the harsh famine in the land of Canaan....

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A Chassidic Seder

Talk given in Baltimore, MD, 3/25/2006 in Congregation Bnei Torah Shaarei Zion While visiting London a few months ago, I heard the following story from a 19 year old Jewish girl. She was vacationing in a beach house in Thailand when the Tsunami hit. Within moments she...

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Pesach – Unburdened (2004)

When we search for chometz we should concentrate on its symbolism of arrogance and take the opportunity to check every crack and crevice of our soul. We all remember the famous advertisement of the Boys Club of America. There was a boy with an ear to ear smile...

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