The New Egypt

The Book of Shmos begins with a new reality for the Jewish People. A reality which introduces on the one hand the prosperity of the Jewish people and their assimilation into Egyptian culture, and at the same time a growing anti-semitism which ensued. This was a new...

A Man Without A Name

In Australia I ran a beginners minyan. One Shabbos morning an older man came in. He wasn’t the usual type of attendee, he stood out. He was an old-timer, a European Jew During minyan he sat motionless in the back. It was a participatory Minyan, but he didn’t seem to...

Moshe – A Leader?

‘Anyone who has the humility of Moshe Rabeinu can also have his Torah.’ The more Moshe argued for his under-qualifications, the more God wanted him for the job. God didn’t want a politician. He wasn’t looking for a smooth talker. He wasn’t looking for someone who could work the crowd; He was looking for someone who could work his soul.