“See! I give to you today the blessing and the curse.” This portion of the Torah is called “See!” Why “See!” Why should we be seeing here more than in everything else that Moshe transmitted to us from G-d? Why not “See! I am the Lord your G-d who took you out of...

The Quest For Jerusalem

On a spiritual voyage, the expedition, the trek, searching, yearning, finding it and just getting there, is the mission in and of itself! If we would know where it is then it wouldn’t be as holy.

Re’eh 2003

As we welcome in the month of Elul and we begin our preparations for a New Year, we must keep in mind our G-d given challenge. ‘Leshichno Tidrishu’, always keep searching for Jerusalem, ‘Uvoso Shama!’ and you will get there. We are leaving tomorrow!