The End of Days

I watch with awe how the recent painful evacuation from Gaza gave birth to a vivacious youth movement full of dynamic energy, unity and yiras shamayim that is changing the country. When the religionists of the world talk about the end of days - they refer to doomsday!...

Parshas Vayechi 2001

Yaakov wasn't blind. Yitzchak was. Why Yitzchak couldn't tell Yaakov from Esav, we can at least partially understand - he was blind. But now, Yosef brings his two sons Efraim and Menashe to his ailing father Yaakov. Yaakov looks at them and asks "Mee Eileh?" Who are...


Jacob gives an extra portion of his blessings not to his firstborn Reuben (as one should, according to halacha), but to Joseph.