Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Haber

Rabbi, Los Angeles, CA
When to Make Havdalah on Chanukah

When to Make Havdalah on Chanukah

Coming into Shabbos Chanukah, one must first light the menorah, and then Shabbos candles. The logic is straightforward – once you have accepted Shabbos you can no longer light the Chanukah candles. It would seem sensible that on Motzai Shabbos the order would be...
The Five Lights of Yom Kippur and Besamim in Havdalah

The Well Rested Candle

When making Havdalah after Yom Kippur one is obligated to use a light ‘that rested’. This is unique to Yom Kippur, on a regular Saturday night there is no such obligation. What does this mean? And why? A “ner sheshavas”, light that rested, requires that one light...