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Segulahs and Other Cool Parlor Tricks

by | Jun 25, 2009 | 3 comments

R’ Josh Waxman over at parshablog has written an excellent article articulating very clearly the most serious problem with many modern day well publicized segulahs. This applies even to reputable Gemara based segulahs. The tricks of dubious origins have the additional problems of Darkei Emori and stuff like that. Here’s the link.


Thanks to Rabbi Fink for the HT

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  1. Sender

    I don’t think that Rabbi Waxman chose a good example.

    Thinking about another person and directing our prayers and emotions to their well-being is an age-old way of making our Tefilos more sincere and unselfish. I did this before the Krohn story and know for a fact that Rav Sheinberg Shlita has been recommending it for decades.

    This is not a Segula, it is an exercise in effective Tefila.
    When Hashem sees that we care for others, he bestows his care upon us.

  2. MTJster

    give me a break, if you cant think of anything original dont post anything at all. Are you saying that it would be better not to pray for someone at all, if your doing it for selfish reasons. If you think about it, many times that we pray for others we often think of what OUR life would be without them, and how much WE would miss them. We think about the ramifications that it will have on us. Whenever we hear a hesped of a gadol it’s always about how much WE have lost…

  3. josh waxman

    thanks for the link-to.

    and thanks for the tip about the ads. as i wrote on my post, it is a whole process of catching these ads when they are showing, in Internet Explorer, getting the ID with an installed program, and putting them in Google’s competitive ad filter. I’ll try again to get a hold of it.

    kol tuv,


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